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Lateral Violence in the Workplace

When I first announced that I was planning to go to nursing school, a family friend and former nurse said to me, in the same breath,...
On the Pulse | 09/14/17

Hitting Us Where We Live

As I write this, a woman elsewhere is being beaten, verbally abused, perhaps murdered by an intimate partner. This is not a new phenomenon,...
On the Pulse | 08/31/17

Cooperation Delivers The Goods

Every Saturday morning was a lesson in silos, brought to you by International Harvester. Back in the 1970s, before cable, the only TV...
On the Pulse | 08/02/17

Our Patients Teach Us

From my older house-call patients in West Baltimore, I learned about the impact of the home environment. I saw patients who slept on their...
On the Pulse | 06/12/17