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Our Ethical Obligation to Social Justice

In the American Nurses Association’s Code of Ethics, it is clearly designated that nurses must be first obligated to their patients and...
On the Pulse | 05/23/17

Nurses Are Not Going Back

Lost in the outcry over attempts in Washington to dismantle the Affordable Care Act is a fact about nursing that can’t be similarly swept...
On the Pulse | 05/12/17

What Type of Care Would You Want?

“Palliative care” is a misunderstood term, but not for much longer if we can help it. For the record, palliative care is not hospice...
On the Pulse | 05/10/17

A Story of Ethics and HIV Disclosure

My first patient living with HIV came to me when I was a new nurse in a Chicago hospital. My patient was a petite woman in her mid-forties...
On the Pulse | 04/24/17

Earth to Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman needs a clear message of the value of nursing. Recently, the Nobel Prize-winning economist showed a stunning lack of knowledge...
On the Pulse | 04/20/17

Understanding Moral Outrage

In health care and the communities where we live, national and world events are shaping our future. When confronted with situations where...
On the Pulse | 03/07/17