On the Pulse Podcast

On this podcast, we will take a deep dive into the experiences of frontline providers and researchers. We’ll explore their insights and invaluable stories of how health care works in today’s world – both locally and globally. Each month, we will host guests who are experts in topics from climate change to pregnancy to palliative care. And we’ll hear some of their personal stories too – why they got into health care and what drives them each day. Health care is complicated, and it’s always changing. But stories of resilience, helping people across the world, and developing ground breaking research is what nursing is all about. We can’t wait for you to join us!

Latest Episodes

Aging Fast and Slow

About the Show: Join Dr. Sarah Szanton and Dr. Deidra Crews from the Johns Hopkins Center for Innovative Care in Aging as they interview cutting-edge scientists, policy experts, entrepreneurs, and advocates about aging across the lifespan and health inequities with aging. If you have guest suggestions, reach out to us at agingcenter@jhu.edu or on Twitter @agingcenter.

Latest Episodes