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Our Language Can Mitigate Stigma

The opioid epidemic is a threat to the health of our communities across the nation and world, and efforts to mitigate stigma are critical...
On the Pulse | 02/20/17

Ready to Be Heard

Our smartphones have this funny little emoticon that shrugs its shoulders: “Who knows?” or an apathetic “What are you gonna do?” An...
On the Pulse | 02/15/17

Blind Trust

What a lovely metaphor. An Arab-American stranger stands on a busy city street wearing a red blindfold. He holds a sign professing his...
On the Pulse | 01/10/17

Words of Praise

We have outstanding faculty at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. Our professors and instructors frequently publish research,...
On the Pulse | 09/22/16

Pathways to Peace

On August 19 and 20, 2016, peace came to the Carpenter Room at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. It came in the form of a story –...
On the Pulse | 09/06/16