RNs, Nurse Practitioners, and Nurse Anesthetists Are Among U.S. News & World Report’s Top 10 ‘Best Health Care Jobs’

Now is nursing’s moment, and U.S. News & World Report seems to know it.

Nurses make up three of the top 10 best health care jobs for 2022, with nurse practitioners taking the top spot.

#1: Nurse practitioners

Nurse practitioners are a type of advanced practice registered nurse. At the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing there are many opportunities to become a nurse practitioner of a certain specialty, or for nurse practitioners to advance their nursing career.

Nurse practitioners are the #1 “Best Health Care Job” and #2 “Best Job” for 2022

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#5: Registered nurses

“Nurses have a very holistic view of health and well-being, and I really appreciated that perspective,” says Erin Whitehouse, an RN and a Ph.D. student at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, wrote to U.S. News & World Report in an email. “[They] look at an entire person and their situation, not just what medical concern they have.” Become a nurse in the MSN (Entry Into Nursing) program.

RNs are the #5 “Best Health Care Job” and #12 “Best Job” for 2022

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#8: Nurse anesthetists

Nurse anesthetists are advanced practice registered nurses who administer anesthesia and anesthesia related services. Nurses can become nurse anesthetists in the DNP Advanced Practice Track, Nurse Anesthesia program at Johns Hopkins. Current nurse anesthetists can earn their DNP or PhD; the career path will require a doctorate as of 2025.

Nurse anesthetists are the #8 “Best Health Care Job,” #9 “Best Paying Job,” #10 “Best STEM Job,” and #19 “Best Job” for 2022

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