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Kelly Brooks, Previous Editor

The previous editor of Johns Hopkins Nursing, Kelly Brooks, is a word geek. With a focus on healthcare, policy, and lifestyle, Kelly edits and writes for magazines, websites, press releases, reports, brochures, and marketing materials. Her goal? Effective words for maximum impact.

Recent Articles by Kelly

2012 Nursing Award Winners

These outstanding nurses were recognized at the 2012 Nursing Award Ceremony on May 23 in Turner Concourse. Evidence Based Practice...
Past Issues | 12/29/12

Save Your Scrubs

Nurses Collect 810 Pounds of Scrubs for Developing Nations When Kristi Bode, RN, and Niki Giddings, RN, launched a drive last spring to...
Past Issues | 12/29/12

Church Notes

Church Notes Deb Kennedy, CHH ’73 reports that it was another enjoyable reunion for the Church Home & Hospital Alumni who attended...
Past Issues | 12/06/12

Class News

’47 To my classmates of 1947: Sylvia Larsen Chisolm, Corinne Reinert Perkins, and Elsie Peyton Jarvis carried the torch and the...
Past Issues | 12/05/12

Nursing Assessment

Letters to the Editor Another outstanding issue of Johns Hopkins Nursing! I always read your magazine before The Atlantic Monthly and The...
On the Pulse | 12/05/12

Dean Hill to Step Down in 2013

Editor’s Note: On Monday, September 10, 2012, at a Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing Town Hall Meeting, Dean Martha N. Hill...
On the Pulse | 12/04/12