Stitch It Up

From PICC Lines to Quilting, She’s Got a Talent with Needles by Susan Middaugh Quilting has been a family tradition for Debbie King, RN,...
Past Issues | 07/11/11


Surreal disbelief
and shock. Time to heal, process,
love, grieve, and support

The tension was tangible as we left...
On the Pulse | 09/17/10

We’re in the right hands

We were paying close attention to a lecture on the respiratory system in Pathophysiology class when security broadcasted the emergency cell...
On the Pulse | 09/17/10

Response to all the Excitement

If you haven't read the news today, maybe you should wander on over to CNN or google "Johns Hopkins Hospital shooter" and you'll find that...
On the Pulse | 09/16/10