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A New Look for Our Website

For functional as well as aesthetic reasons, we figured it was time to update the magazine’s...
Features | 08/31/20

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  • Dean Davidson: Welcome to Spring

    The newness of spring always brings energy and excitement, but this year may top the charts for
    Features | 04/29/21
  • Three Cheers for Dean Patricia Davidson

    Johns Hopkins School of Nursing bids a spirited and fond farewell truly groundbreaking leader As
    Features | 04/29/21
  • Dean Patricia Davidson’s Accomplishments

    Dean Patricia Davidson became the fourth dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in 2013,
    Features | 04/29/21
  • Diversity Is a Living Thing

    Diversity, equity, and inclusion are an essential long-term investment. At the Johns Hopkins School
    Features | 04/29/21
  • Dean Davidson: Our Body of Work

    One of the silver linings of the COVID-19 pandemic has been increased recognition of nurses and the
    Features | 11/16/20
  • The Anatomy of a Hopkins Nurse

    Illustrations by Dan Matutina If nursing were a body, its brain would be leadership, flexibility,
    Features | 11/16/20
  • The NP vs. the CNS

    By definition, nurse practitioners (NP) and clinical nurse specialists (CNS) are unique subsets of
    Features | 11/16/20
  • Out Front on COVID-19

    JHSON faculty step forward in research, policy, and street-level care to take the fight to the
    Features | 11/16/20
  • Welcome Arrival

    Amid all of the uncertainty, upset, and genuine danger of the COVID-19 outbreak, the excitement
    Features | 04/14/20
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