The Returned Peace Corps Volunteer to Nurse Pipeline

Dr. Nicole Warren and Elizabeth Love are Returned Peace Corps Volunteers turned nurses, and in Elizabeth’s case, turned Gurtler Scholar!

Dr. Warren served in Mali and Elizabeth served in the Kingdom of Tonga. In this video they discuss their Peace Corps service and the pathway it created to their nursing careers. Elizabeth is also a career change nurse; she is a former mental health counselor who identified gaps in care that she needed to continue her education to address.

The Gurtler Scholarship is a $60,000 scholarship awarded each year to one student who is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.

Dr. Nicole Warren, Mali

Nicole Warren, PhD, MPH, CNM, FAAN, is an associate professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.

Elizabeth Love, Kingdom of Tonga

Elizabeth Love is a MSN (Entry Into Nursing) graduate, current DNP Psychiatric Mental Health NP student, and the 2024 Gurtler Scholar.

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