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Approximate rates for print advertising include:

  • Full page: $1,000
  • Half page (vertical or horizontal): $500

10% discount for first-time advertiser or purchaser of three or more ads


Contact or 410-614-5317


Spring 2017 (April)

  • Commitment: January 17
  • Final Art Files: February 17
  • Distribution: March 22

Summer 2017 (July)

  • Commitment: June 1
  • Final Art Files: July 1
  • Distribution: July 22

Fall 2017 (November)

  • Commitment: September 15
  • Final Art Files: October 22
  • Distribution: November 15


Johns Hopkins Nursing reaches approximately 35,000 readers, including:

  • Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing Alumni
  • Nurses at four Johns Hopkins-affiliated hospitals
  • Current, newly accepted & prospective nursing students
  • Nursing schools and nurse leaders
  • Donors, friends, media, and legislators
  • University hospitals and libraries

Copy and Contract Regulations

  1. Advertisements will not be accepted for alcohol, cigarettes, or any other products or services that are deemed not to be healthy.
  2. Advertisements will not be accepted for academic or continuing educational programs that compete with those of the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing or the Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing.
  3. All advertising must be clearly different in style from editorial.
  4. Order cancellations or changes may not be made after the closing date.
  5. All position instructions on orders are considered requests only. Position is determined according to availability.

Johns Hopkins Nursing reserves the right to interpret these or any other guidelines which may be put in place, and to decline or reject any advertising for any reason at any time without liability.

Ad Dimensions

  • Full page:  w8.375” X h10.875”
  • Half page, horizontal:  w8.375” X h5”
  • Half page, vertical:  w3.500” X h9.625”

 Ad Specifications

  • Keep critical elements (text, images that should not bleed) 0.25” inside trim size.
  • Bleed should extend 0.25” beyond trim size.

Digital PrePress Requirements

Save ad as PDF, minimum 300 dpi resolution, no compression. Make sure to extend bleed to 0.25″ beyond trim size for ads that bleed, and include in pdf. Scans/Images: Full color ads: CMYK (not RGB). Scans: 300 dpi or higher.

After purchasing an ad, send artwork to: | 410-614-5317