Next Stop…RN

The break we got in August came at the perfect time. After a very tough summer of hours and hours in the hospital, it was great to go home...
On the Pulse | 09/06/13

It’s Fall Break! Go Crazy!

I hope all of you are as PUMPED about a break as I am! Now I know it’s technically only Monday, but let’s face it,...
On the Pulse | 10/12/12

Hello 2011 Spring Semester!!

Winter break is slipping away... it's scary and exciting at the same time.

Scary, because school will be starting soon and that...
On the Pulse | 01/19/11

Getting Ready for the Weekend

Well- another fantastic and crazy week! Spring Break is just one week away and the students are more than ready. But before they can hop...
Faculty | 03/05/10