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Open Doors to Care

There are mountains, skiing, hiking, and biking trails aplenty in the picturesque state of New Hampshire. There all also deserts—at least...
United States of Nursing | 10/03/22

Champion of the Nursing Workforce

Paula Nersesian, PhD, MPH, RN, CNE, probably could not have picked a worse time to move to Maine. Nersesian, whose research has included...
United States of Nursing | 10/03/22

Her Full Potential

There was never a question that Sabianca Delva would return to Boston once she finished her studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing....
United States of Nursing | 10/03/22

A Web of Positivity

Even superheroes stumble. It’s in getting back up that their powers shine brightest. Kash Calderón, or Spider-Man to many pediatric...
United States of Nursing | 10/03/22

A Woman’s Place … in Leadership

Linda Tarr-Whelan needn’t look far into the past for hope that America can change. Her mother wasn’t allowed the right to vote....
United States of Nursing | 10/03/22

SON Holiday Decorating Contest Winners

The Golden Ornament Award for 2020 (as voted by the SON community) goes to Tyreesia “Angel” Johns, who wins a $250 donation to...
On the Pulse | 12/24/20