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50 States, 50 Stories, 50 Reasons Why

In every town, across all 50 states, nurses are the innovative leaders who focus on communities, social determinants of health, and the...
United States of Nursing | 11/10/22

A Platform of Health Care

Sara Russell Rodriguez, MSN, MPH, RN, has seen far beyond Wisconsin, and she says she’s determined to turn that vision into better health...
United States of Nursing | 10/07/22

The Knowledge to Embrace Life

All of us will die one day. Nothing can change that outcome. So, let’s talk about it, normalize it, and when that time comes, learn to...
United States of Nursing | 10/07/22

Reaching and Teaching Young People

Half the battle is just showing up, being open, and trying to make a difference. The rest? Alison D’Oleo-Lundgren will figure that part...
United States of Nursing | 10/04/22

‘Collaborative Practice’

Told early on that he must choose between a career in either global public health or global clinical health—that the two paths didn’t...
United States of Nursing | 10/03/22

Champion of the Nursing Workforce

Paula Nersesian, PhD, MPH, RN, CNE, probably could not have picked a worse time to move to Maine. Nersesian, whose research has included...
United States of Nursing | 10/03/22

Her Full Potential

There was never a question that Sabianca Delva would return to Boston once she finished her studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing....
United States of Nursing | 10/03/22

SON Holiday Decorating Contest Winners

The Golden Ornament Award for 2020 (as voted by the SON community) goes to Tyreesia “Angel” Johns, who wins a $250 donation to...
On the Pulse | 12/24/20