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The Power of WE

An Homage to Black Professionals in Health Care—Black Representation Matters “Paging Dr. Cheryl Burrus room 1, Dr. Nneka Davis room 2,...
On the Pulse | 02/24/20

Nurse. Inventor. #WeGotThis.

In the early 90s, Dr. Jessie Casida was one of few nurses working on the first patient with a left ventricular assist device. The...
On the Pulse | 02/11/20

Nurses Wear Red

Hopkins nurses wear red to raise awareness of heart disease in women. Why? Because of stories like Miki Goodwin’s. She’s not...
On the Pulse | 02/07/20

What Makes a Hopkins Nurse? Leadership!

Hopkins Nurses see a need and make a way—that’s what “leadership at every level” means. It’s not necessarily “everyone becomes...
On the Pulse | 01/28/20