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Heart Health in Native Populations

ILLUSTRATIONS BY ANDY SNAIR It’s impossible to undo centuries of societal harm overnight. In “Status of Maternal Cardiovascular Health...
Research | 07/19/23

COVID and Nursing: Where to from Here?

ILLUSTRATIONS BY ANDY SNAIR COVID-19 exposed torn threads deep within the U.S. health care system as well as the nation’s social fabric,...
Research | 07/19/23

Doing Right by Minority Veterans

ILLUSTRATIONS BY ANDY SNAIR Soldiers from racial and ethnic minorities have long fought and died for America, a nation that has often...
Research | 07/19/23

To Sleep, Perchance to Live Better

ILLUSTRATIONS BY ANDY SNAIR Insomnia, which affects up to 40 percent of older adults, is an independent risk for cognitive decline and...
Research | 07/19/23

Summer Research Roundup 2023

ILLUSTRATIONS BY ANDY SNAIR The year to date in publications from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Johns Hopkins School of Nursing...
Research | 07/17/23

Appreciation: Fannie Gaston-Johansson

Professor Emerita Fannie Gaston-Johansson, PhD, RN, FAAN, an internationally renowned educator and nurse researcher and the first Black...
On the Pulse | 04/27/23

Creativity on Full Display

It’s really no surprise that there are gifted and talented people everywhere you look at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. So, when...
On the Pulse | 04/27/23