The Beginning of your Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Adventure Awaits

Faculty Mentor/Academic Advising

Acquaint yourself with your Faculty Mentor or Academic Advising team. Foster this relationship while in the program as they will serve as valuable mentors. Anne Scoufalos, Senior Academic Advisor, says, “We are excited to accompany you as you start your nursing school journey. Although there may be moments of challenge along the way, never forget that you have a great team of faculty and staff available to support your success in the program – you got this!”

The Learning Collaborative

The Learning Collaborative, which offers individual and group tutoring, writing assistance, academic support workshops, and pre-semester course primers can be a beneficial resource as you make your transition back to academia. Whether you’re pursuing an MSN, DNP, PHD, or post graduate certificate program, they have a range of virtual and in-person services to help make you a successful student.

Whether you’re pursuing an MSN, DNP, PHD, or post graduate certificate program, they have a range of virtual and in-person services to help make you a successful student.

Student Outreach Resource Center (SOURCE)/Research Centers

Student Adventure

Johns Hopkins University has a strong commitment to community outreach and research. One way you can get involved is through SOURCE, a center of over 100 community-based organizations that provide academic, professional, and personal development opportunities through community outreach and service-learning partnerships.

Whether you have a focus on Global Initiatives to Cardiovascular and Chronic Care or Equity in Aging, there is a Research Center for you. Through these centers, you have the opportunity to contribute to expanding knowledge base while integrating education and practice initiatives. Learn how you can get involved in research at all program levels.

Student Affairs

Your time here will be filled with opportunities for involvement inside and outside the classroom, and these possibilities are here to help enrich your overall educational experience. The Office of Student Affairs provides you with various services pertaining to student life. You will find resources like student development and leadership, health care services, counseling, and student activities. They also help coordinate the development of student organizations which ultimately foster friendships with students, faculty, staff, and the community that will further enhance your time in your program . Whether moving here or visiting Baltimore for immersions, we encourage you to explore our city. “Lots of fun, free and fantastic things to do” says Shawn Sharifi, MSN Entry into Nursing student.

Your success is a top priority for all you encounter here at the School of Nursing. From the time you walk through our doors until graduation, a vast team is here to help you throughout your journey. When arriving on campus for class or immersion, you will first be greeted by our smiling security officers who kindly greet each individual as they enter the building. Their warm welcome creates a sense of support through each encounter. Know they are one of your biggest fans! Faculty will also work alongside you to encourage and motivate you throughout this educational journey. This is just the beginning of achieving your future goals; congratulations on this next step, and good luck.

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About The Author: Brandon LeBlanc

Brandon LeBlanc serves as the Assistant Director for (MSN Entry into Nursing) Recruitment at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. He has a passion for helping student’s bring life-long goals to life. Feel free to contact him with any questions regarding our nursing programs at 410-502-4132 or