Church Notes

The Homecoming Reunion Weekend was especially important this year as it marked both the...

By Deb Corteggiano Kennedy, ’73


An Anniversary Year
The Homecoming Reunion Weekend was especially important this year as it marked both the 110th anniversary of the Church Home & Hospital Alumni Association formation and the 10th anniversary of our merger with the Johns Hopkins Nurses’ Alumni Association. Throughout the weekend, over 30 CHH alumni attended the various events, including

alumni from ’42 to ’76 and eight members of 1964 celebrating their 50th! Thank you to Hopkins for providing transportation for the alumni who live at Oakcrest so that they could be a part of the celebration. The raffle and jewelry sale raised $250 and the basket of wine was won by Nancy Waters, CHH, ’47.


Freda Creutzburg Scholarship Continues to Grow
As we approached this anniversary year, fundraising efforts were in full swing. I am proud to announce that $25,871 was added to the scholarship, which included $10,000 each from MedStar and Patricia Kniffin Roberts, ’65. Thank you all for your very generous contributions. No amount is too big or small and we continue to make a difference in the lives of people working to become nurses just as we did.

Plaque Unveiled
The long-awaited, beautiful plaque that signifies the relationship between the two alumni associations was unveiled on September 25 by Dean-emerita Martha Hill, Dean Patricia Davidson, and myself. For all she has done to “Secure a Future for Our Past,” Dean Hill was presented with a silver key pin from Tiffany’s as a sincere thank you for all she has done in her vision and wisdom for her “cousins,” the CHH alumni. The plaque is hanging on the wall overlooking the garden staircase in the SON.



Norma I. Bugbee ’40
Virgie Keefer Stratmann ’47
Genevia B. Ewald ’48
Ruth Fowler ’48
Charlotte Gebb Dietz ’55
Darla Lemon Whisler ’57
Barbara Warfield ’59

Thank you to the many alumni who took time to bring items for the Archives. It is exciting that we received a copy of “Probie” and a CHH Volunteer badge and silver pin from Gert Armstrong, ’49; the flag that flew over Church Home before it closed from maintenance worker Tony Kondratenko; a Pinkie Cap from Diane Dekowski Kittok, ’72; and numerous items from Yetive Hull Habicht, ’66, including a yearbook, newsletters, programs, and logo buttons. Bonnie Kleinschmidt, ’64 brought Christmas programs from the past and Linda Clarke, ’64 a CHH ashtray! Nurses today would be shocked to learn that patients were allowed to smoke in their rooms and doctors and nurses smoked openly at the Nurses’ Station! The item that really gave us all a good laugh was a porcelain mini bedpan donated by Condict Martak, ’64!