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Homecoming – September 25 and 26, 2009
No matter when you graduated, join your Hopkins colleagues this fall.

• Attend a stimulating education program sponsored by the Institute for Johns  Hopkins Nursing.

• Enjoy an evening of camaraderie at the JHNAA Homecoming party at the SON.

• Get an update on what’s happening with the Alumni Association and the School at the Annual meeting.

• Join alumni for the annual luncheon.

Invitations will be in the mail by mid-July.

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Every Hopkins nurse needs one!
Our Shared Legacy is a tribute to our nursing alumni. It gives a unique insight into why Hopkins nursing is known for its leadership and excellence.

To order, contact the JHU Press at
800-537-5487 or
Alumni discount code : JAY
Cost: $37.50

To preview the book, go to
and click on “Alumni News and Events.”