Magazine Staff

Managing Editor
Lynn Schultz-Writsel, Director of Communications

Kelly Brooks-Staub, Assistant Director of Communications

Consulting Editor
Sue De Pasquale,  Johns Hopkins Magazine

Art Director
Pamela Li, Alumni Magazine Consortium

Online Editor
Mfonobong Umana, Strategic Project Coordinator

Editorial Staff

Jacquelin Gray, Vigilando Editorial Assistant

Ronald Supan, Communications Specialist

Advisory Board

Jennifer Calhoun, Director of Strategic Initiatives

JoAnn Coleman, RN, MS, AOCN, ACNP, Postmaster’s ’95

Marjorie Fass, Senior Associate Director, Admissions

Leslie Kemp, BSN ’95

Mary O’Rourke, Director of Admissions

Melinda Rose, Associate Director, Alumni Relations

Robert Rosseter, Director of Public Affairs, American Association of Colleges of Nursing

Jeremiah Rush, Traditional ’08

Johns Hopkins Nursing is a publication of the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and the Johns Hopkins Nurses’ Alumni Association. The magazine tracks Johns Hopkins nurses and tells the story of their endeavors in the areas of education, practice, scholarship, research, and national leadership.

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