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News from Sibley Memorial Hospital, A Member of Johns Hopkins Medicine

Sibley Illustration by Shaw Nielsen

By Stephanie Shaprio Innovation Hub offers a safe space to ponder and improve patient care At Sibley Memorial Hospital, it has been routine to present newly diagnosed breast cancer patients with piles of information about the disease, treatment options, self-care, recovery, surgical reconstruction, and other related materials. Although Jennie Tarica, MSN, RN, Sibley’s breast cancer
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There’s little time for staff to prepare and even less time to think when code blue is called…

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Symbiotic relationship allows ambulatory nurses to redefine role A transition as major as the enterprise-wide…

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Nurse Saves Friend’s Life by Sara Michael Henry Boyd, RN, is the kind of friend…

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Regional Oncology Collaboration With a Nurse’s Touch “I’ve never been risk-averse,” says Sheila Evans, MS,…

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