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All Children's Left to right, Cherilyn Ashlock, R.N., Magnet Manager and Kentlee Battick, R.N, Clinical Nurse Leader, Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital.

Nurses were among the crowd of 700 employees, Johns Hopkins Medicine leaders, local officials, and community members gathered outside All Children’s Hospital on a sunny April morning to celebrate its 90th anniversary and its new name: Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital (JHACH). The name reflects the hospital’s role as an academic medical center within Johns
All Children's New CNO Veronica Martin

New CNO Veronica Martin shows individuals that they count with her As Veronica Martin knows well, establishing relationships is a major part of being an effective leader, which may be why she’s been so successful just six months into her new position. “It’s important when you go into a new organization to get into the
All Children's Bounceback photo illustration

Bounce Back program helps staff talk through and cope with the lows Nurses are renowned for their ability to help patients and families cope with difficult diagnoses and challenging situations. But who helps the nurse regain emotional balance when seven patients die in one week? When a pediatric patient the nurse knows as her child’s
All Children's Training drill in the Emergency Dept.

Lessons of Ebola training help ACH nurses feel ready for whatever’s next Ebola never crossed the threshold at All Children’s Hospital, an outcome the healthcare staffs are extremely thankful for. Here’s another: The lessons learned, about themselves and hospital preparedness, have left ACH and its nurses feeling competent, equipped, and confident in one another’s ability
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Nurses Commit to New, Life-Saving Medical Advance by Elizabeth Heubeck Six-year-old Kelly Whitten has endured…

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