Summer 2011


  • Health Info in the Digital Age
    Nurses Are Vital in Developing New Health Information Technologies By Stephanie Shapiro | Illustration by Andy Lackow | Photos by Chris Hartlove Gail Robel, BSN, RN-BC, became a nurse 25 years ago when paper charts were routine and few could imagine entering a patient’s vital signs into an electronic database. But Robel, an analytical thinker, quickly recognized information technology’s ...
  • Grateful Patient Donates to Sim Lab
    By Jennifer Walker Nine years ago, Jane Webster was in her internist’s office with severe pain, a fever, and diarrhea. Her doctor told her she had a GI bug and sent her home. But she knew something was wrong. After hearing about her symptoms, her grandmother, crying, told her to go to the hospital. Webster listened. Webster learned ...
  • Virtual Reality
    Simulations Play a Major Role in Educating Tomorrow’s Nurses Story by Mat Edelson Photos by Will Kirk For a patient lying in a hospital bed missing half his torso, Harvey is looking pretty good. That is, until nurse Diane Aschenbrenner decides to give Harvey a heart attack. And then a heart murmur. And then a wallop of cardiomyopathy. Now ...

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