Summer 2010

Summer 2010


  • No Boundaries, No Barriers
    By Mat Edelson Illustration by Ryan Etter   Take a dart, throw it at a map of the world, and one thing is for certain: No matter where the tip hits, you’ll be looking at a country facing a nursing shortage. The reasons are as complex as nursing itself: Everything from natural disasters to man-made business practices plays ...
  • A Global Profession
    Experts agree that today’s nurses are essential to the international health perspective By Debra Wood, RN Illustrations by Ryan Etter Today’s nurse—whether in Baltimore, Beirut or Bangkok—is a global nurse. A global nurse is culturally sensitive, collaborative, and knows that conditions like heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, and infections have no borders. A global nurse understands that technology has ...
  • Caring Around the World
    Where is the Hopkins Nurse?  Everywhere. By Kelly Brooks Illustrations by Ryan Etter Johns Hopkins nurses know that we live in a world of interdependent nations in which we must share with and learn from each other. They are comfortable in today’s electronic world; they are familiar with, and sensitive to, the cultures of other countries; and ...

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