Summer 2009


  • Chill Out: Five Tips to Cool Down On-the-Job Stress
    By Mandy Young, MSN/MPH ’09 By its nature, nursing is a stressful profession.  After all, we care for people in moments of extreme vulnerability and crisis.  Learning how to manage stress isn’t just part of a healthy lifestyle for nurses; it is an act of survival.  In our rush to take care of our patients’ needs, we ...
  • Meet the Men Who Dare to Care
    By David McKay Wilson At a time when women are flocking to once male-dominated fields like law and medicine, men are slowly discovering the female-dominated field of nursing, with its relatively high pay, job flexibility, and manifold opportunities for advancement.   Students, alumni, and faculty at Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing say American concepts of masculinity, coupled with ...
  • Strong Women, Healthy Lives
    By Elizabeth Heubeck Photos by Whitney Sherman Hopkins Nurse are empowering women, throughout their lifespan, to embrace healthier lifestyles  The birth of a baby. A diagnosis of breast cancer. The frailty that comes with old age. At the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (SON), students learn to perceive these and other health-related events as part of the dynamic, complex and ever-changing landscape that makes up a woman’s life span. ...

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