Summer 2008

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  • My Profession
    By Marlon Caballero as told to Shary Flenniken  
  • Why I Almost Quit Nursing
    By Maria D’ Antonio ’06 Photos by Will Kirk I’m not one of those nurses who knew from childhood what I wanted to do “when I grew up.” I didn’t realize I wanted to be a nurse due to a tragic accident followed by extended hospitalization. I didn’t come from a family who was affiliated with ...
  • Solving the Shortage
    Give nurses a voice and provide opportunities for growth By Stephanie Shapiro Illustrations by Jon Krause On those rare occasions at The Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) when Osler 4’s staff schedule clicked smoothly into place, peace of mind was inevitably short-lived for nurse manager JoAnn Z. Ioannou, MSN, MBA, RN. “Right when you think things are going to be ...

On the Pulse

Bench to Bedside

    Hopkins Nurse