Spring 2014


  • A Calming Force
    Nurses prepare a safety net at the precipice of a mental healthcare crisis Imagine being one of the tens of millions of people in America who have lived for years without health coverage or access to care outside of emergency room visits, one of those who struggled to manage everyday life while coping with an untreated mental ...
  • The Alcohol Question
    What caregivers don’t know could hurt aging baby boomers By Norine Schiller A 70-year-old man suffers a heart attack and is brought into the Emergency Department. His medical history reveals cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, and a previous heart attack in his 50s. On aspirin therapy for a year, he had stopped it three weeks earlier on his ...
  • Clear-headed Interventions
    Change agent Laura Gitlin develops powerful partnerships in care for the aging Professor Laura N. Gitlin, PhD, sees no reason to stick to the tried and (perhaps not always) true in geriatric care. She is an international leader on treatments that engage rather than simply sedate dementia patients who exhibit troubling behavioral symptoms, a sea change for ...

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