Fall/Winter 2009


  • Nursing School 2.0
    By Mat Edelson Illustrations by David Fullarton Baby boomer nurses are moving  toward retirement and seeking to share their knowledge with  today’s young, tech-savvy nursing students and recent graduates–the late-arriving Gen Xers and so-called ‘Millennials.’ But bridging this “generation lap” will require some serious educational reengineering. It’s 2:46 in the afternoon, and on the 8th floor of the Outpatient Center, Mr. ...
  • Survey Says
  • They Must Be Hopkins Nurses
    During the war a helicopter arrived on a remote island in the Pacific carrying a doctor who was needed urgently for emergency surgery. The doctor was led to a small hut which staff had readied for the operation. Once scrubbed, he approached the makeshift operating table and surveyed his patient. Ready to begin, he ...

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