Fall/Winter 2003

Cover Photo by Pete McArthur


  • Opening Doors to Care: Tackling Health Disparities
    Written by Lavinia Edmunds Gary Hooper knew something was wrong with his health, but he steered clear of the hospital and doctors. He kept up his diet of fast food and tried to ignore the exhaustion that leveled him each day by noon. “I thought I’d wait it out and it’d get better,” recalls Hooper. He’d heard ...
  • Then and Now: The Continuous Call of Red Cross Nursing
    The mission of the Red Cross is to bring medical aid, comfort, and compassion — a mission that closely aligns with the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. It’s not surprising then, that the Red Cross has served as a magnet over the decades for Hopkins-educated nurses. That was then: She stares back from the photo with an ...
  • Nurses Vote!
    By some estimates, 1 of every 45 potential voters is a nurse. But in the legislative arena, the nursing profession lacks the clout these numbers suggest. Rosemary Mortimer and other politically-minded nurses at Johns Hopkins aim to change that. Their message to students and colleagues: It’s time for nurses to make their voices heard. Lecturing on ...

On the Pulse

Bench to Bedside