Fall/Winter 2010


  • One September Day
    Though a doctor was shot, Hopkins staff remained calm, professional, and committed to patient care. Photo by Justin Fenton On Thursday, September 16th, Dr. David Cohen was shot in the hallways of The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Paul Warren Pardus, 50, blamed Cohen for paralyzing his 84-year-old mother during surgery, shot him in the abdomen, and then barricaded ...
  • Saliva Science
    Researchers swap the dreaded needle and syringe for a simple foam swab. by Melissa Hendricks Photos by Will Kirk “You’re first?” Shelly Eisbach, PhD, RN, asks a three-year-old boy with large brown eyes. The boy and two other preschoolers are seated at a pint-sized table in a light-filled room at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. The boy nods. ...
  • Group Think
      Collaborative Education Makes for Smarter Nurses – and Better Patient Care. by Cate Nielan Photos by Marshall Clarke No longer content to absorb information passively in lecture hall after lecture hall, today’s nursing students seek out powerful learning opportunities that call on hearing, sight, sound, and touch; that immerse them deeply in the patient-care experience; and that build ...
  • House Calls
    With the aid of an unlikely trio – a nurse, an occupational therapist, and a handyman – aging, impoverished Baltimore residents are gaining newfound independence. by Jennifer Walker Photos by Chris Hartlove It used to be difficult for Carol Glover, 68, to get inside the detached garage next to her East Baltimore home. First, she would have to ...

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