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Joan Davila

Joan is a freelance writer, fitness instructor, personal trainer, and wellness advocate who is excited to share with readers compelling stories about the latest technologies, programs, and inspiring people within the nursing community. As a contributing writer for Johns Hopkins Nursing, Joan looks forward to expanding her wellness scope of knowledge by discovering all the ways in which the nursing community is positively impacting healthcare and the overall well being of their patients.

Hopkins Nurse Pat Sullivan with one of her paintings

Psych nurse/foodie savors stories and benefits of a deliciously varied life Photo by Chris Hartlove Pat Sullivan, RN, MS, finds inspiration in her patients and their life stories. Understanding illness and the science behind treating people is fascinating to this psychiatric nurse manager who joined The Johns Hopkins Hospital Meyer 3 unit in 1984. But
All Children's Training drill in the Emergency Dept.

Lessons of Ebola training help ACH nurses feel ready for whatever’s next Ebola never crossed the threshold at All Children’s Hospital, an outcome the healthcare staffs are extremely thankful for. Here’s another: The lessons learned, about themselves and hospital preparedness, have left ACH and its nurses feeling competent, equipped, and confident in one another’s ability

To Anna Ferguson, RN, BSN, hopelessness is one of the cruelest symptoms of a terminal illness…


There’s little time for staff to prepare and even less time to think when code blue is called…

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