Developing a Post-Partum Depression Screening Tool in Mali—Center for Global Initiatives Podcast Episode 3


Johns Hopkins School of Nursing students and faculty talk about their travels, projects, experiences with, and thoughts on global nursing.

In episode 3, Developing a Post-Partum Depression Screening Tool in Mali, hosts Anne Schultz and Elyse Rudemiller welcome Dr. Nicole Warren to talk about her work with the GEMS program in Mali and researching and developing a screening tool for post-partum depression. Dr. Warren is a certified nurse midwife and an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. Her work and research focuses on reproductive health in sub-Saharan Africa. Dr. Warren is also a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, who served in Mali.

Show Notes:
4:00- GEMS program
6:02- Post-partum depression (PPD) screening/perinatal mental health disorders in Mali
7:48- Risk factors for postpartum depression in Mali
11:30- Mental health stigma
13:40- Development of PPD screening tool, and current treatment for mental health in Mali
15:59- Description of PPD screening tool
17:00- What to do with PPD screening tool and results
19:42- Capacity building
21:10- What midwifery and health care looks like in Mali
22:44- Midwifery practice differences, Mali compared to the United States
25:30- Tips for students/health care workers interested in working in global health
27:00- Global Health Service Partnership/Seed Global Health

Find out more about the Global Health Service PartnershipSeed Global Health, the GEMS program, and the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Coverdell Fellows program for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.


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